What it is like to be married to a romance writer ?


The beginning. . .


I should text him. I thought to myself. Well, he did like you Rose at one point in time. I looked out the window of my dressing room. The view was breathtaking and thought indulging. The runway of the airport stretched farout and wide till as far as I could see. The lights were beginning to ignite. Lilac and powder pink were mating and it was giving a sweet afterglow color to the horizon.

It was my elder brother’s birthday the day after; july 21st 2007.i had planned a perty he had no clue about. Why am I even planning his surprise party? I am not attached to him; I hate his guts. Well maybe it will be a nice farewell for him;with all his close friends and family because he leaves for Lahore the week proceeding his birthday.

But should I text John? I fumbled through the diary pages where I had written down all my brother’s friends contact numbers. My eyes stuck on John’s. John Benedict. My high school love. Well, love really though. I remember crying for him. Yes, it was love for sure. I ‘wanted’ him. I used to spend hours thinking about him. Craving for his attention; praying he would look at me like he’ll..i don’t know?consider me ? But he didn’t. I dropped hints,flirted even but then he moved on and out. After highschool I haven’t seen him. Oh how I want to see him.

He was a very good looking guy wasn’t he? I pondered. A broad face,rockstar hair,tall. A crooked smile.Oh that smile…And his eyes when he looked at me.His piercing gaze;as if he could see right through me.I felt exposed and naked each time. It made me feel escalated. As if im standing on the top of a very very tall building; overlooking the world before me .Each vein throbbing with mirth and fulfilling satisfaction. I haven’t felt that feeling in a long time. Because I haven’t seen him in a long time! Neither have met anyone like him.

I moved over to my bed, propped the diary open against the pillow and read out his number. 0321284291. Okay, here goes nothing. I started to type.

Hi,this is Rose.

No.delete delete delete. It shouldn’t look typical. And I shouldn’t look desperate. Maybe I should text like im sending this one text to everyone of the invitees so that he doesn’t feel that I texted him specially. That’s fine.Ok .

Hi guys. This is Rose.Im holding

This surprise party for Moheet’s birthday.

You all are invited.Its the day after at my place,

around 6.Reply back to confirm your availability.


I stared at the screen of my cell phone. What if he doesn’t reply? He will. Let’s just wait. Ok.